Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello again

Today I was reading blog posts from some of my most dear friends. I love seeing what is going on in their lives. I made this poster, hoping it would count as a year worth of scrapbooking.

For Halloween Peter was a Sharktopus, another Peter original costume inspiration, and as always he was indignant with people who called him an octoshark, "No, I am a sharktopus!" Abby was a cupcake, but she didn't mind when people thought she was an ice cream cone. Kate was a bluebird, a very very cute bluebird who didn't mind being called a boy despite the flower on her head. Our street turned out to be a Halloween jackpot with nearly a dozen of our nieghboors handing out full size candy bars. A good time was had by all!

In November Peter turned 7, and had an angry bird birthday party, complete with a giant slingshot in the back yard. The boys loved shooting at the pigs, and building structures. The boys were so into it they started chanting, "KILL the pigs, kill the pigs, kill the pigs." And I said, "Oh no, I have created Lord of the Flies!" Luckily, there were lots of adults present and we were able to contain them before they could turn on the weak, and create weapons, but it was a startling realization that maybe I should have taken that book much more seriously!

I am usually the picture taker, but my mom took this picture when my parents came to visit for Christmas. For me it captures the pure joy of Motherhood, thanks Mom.

Peter is always good for a laugh. He is full of ideas and imagination. He really enjoys math, my inner Tiger mother is really trying to foster that. He is also really into reading. He is prone to extreme laughter, and extreme disappointment.

Abby is everything a little girl should be. She likes school, making jewelry, sewing (by hand and by machine with much supervision), and creating projects. She recently collected clementine crates, then decorated them, and uses them for her doll clothes. She is super fun to have around, and is shaping up to be my life-long shopping companion.
Kate is adorable. She is a lover, and continues to be permanently attached to me, with few exceptions. A few weeks before she was able to go to nursrey I would take her to the room, show her the toys, then tell her "not yet" and close the door. She would FREAK out, this kid does not like to be told no. So, after a few weeks of that she was primed, and she never looked back. She is 19 months old, but is resisting language. She has said over a dozen words, but usually only once. For awhile she said Dad a lot. "Dad, Dad, DAD" but now is saying almost exclusively, "Ma, Mama, MA" with the occasional "oh" or "no." Still she manages to be quite the communicator, and seems to get most of her hearts desires. She LOVES Sesame Street.

We love having David's Sister and her family a few miles away. Here we played Beatles rockband, and tested out Peter's Valentine's mustaches.
This is our recently created stage, one of many projects I have been working on.

So there it is, that is what we have been doing lately. We really love Virginia, and life after residency! We love taking walks and bike rides at the lake behind our house, and I love that daffodils and crocuses are blooming in February!