Thursday, July 14, 2011

A year Post residency...and other ramblings

July 1st came and went this year, and nothing really happened. During residency it was the day we looked forward to, it was the one time each year we got a babysitter and went "over the mountain" to the Old Farms Hotel and had some very mediocre salmon, and felt a little closer to the end of residency. This year it only marked the end of our first year in Virginia. Before we left Connecticut I meant to write about my favorite things in Connecticut, but I didn't so here goes. The things I love and miss the most about Connecticut, in no particular order (except number 1):

1. My Friends
2. New England in the Fall
3. Munson's Chocolates creme brulee chocolate
4. East West Grill's Massaman Curry
5. The Hartford Capital Building
6. Pick your own Blueberries
7. Boston and David's Sister Vicki
8. The Elbow Room
9. New York
10. The Riverboat Ferry
11. Old Wethersfield (and the opportunity to say George Washington did ... there)
12. Really good Gyro's
13. People who say sawntameter
14. Being a Yankee
15. Saying "Nutmegger"

After a year, we are starting to feel like Virginians. And I even feel a little pride in being a Virginian, like living here automatically puts me in a special club with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, James Madison, and the ever important Robert E. Lee. As a Virginian, I offer the following lists of things I love about Virginia.

1. The seasons! For the first time in my life they actually make sense. March 21st feels like spring, there are tulips and lettuce and happiness. June 21st feels like the beginning of Summer. And Fall really holds on until December.
2. The monuments
3. The Smithsonian! I love that we can go to the more obscure galleries, and museums without feeling like you have to see everything all at one time.
4. The National Mall
5. Tyson's Corner mall, it took me some time to get my bearings in this massive mall, but I have got it down now.
6. The lakes and rivers
7. Lots of fireflies
8. Mount Vernon, Arlington, and all the other historic sites
9. Amazing restaurants, and tons of them!
10. Old town Alexandria
11. Cherry Blossoms
12. Really great schools

My camera cable has been lost for awhile so here are some of the gems I found when I finally downloaded.

Kate turned 1! She is such a sweet, and funny baby! Her nicknames include, but are not limited to; Kate-Bo-Bate, Bo-bate, Kateapillar, Screamapillar, "hey you baby," Miss Kate, and the tried and failed Cup-Kate. Her hobbies and intrests include, but are not limited to: Hanging from bars, foraging for food (with a ridiculous ability to find acorns in the wild, yes I know they are poisonous to humans), eating crayons (only the non-toxic variety), biting, snuggling, being held, pretending to hand things to people them wildly shaking her head no as she pulls the object back away.

She is completely adorable, and we love, love, love her!

Even when she is a screamapillar!

Now what would have been several other separate blog posts.

End of year teacher gifts. I made the lamp shade with yard sticks.

Camping trip.
:I love the way Peter sticks his tongue out when he is really focused.

And our spontaneous rock climbing adventure. We went to Great Falls Park and on our way back from our hike we saw a guy from Church. He asked us if we wanted to go rock climbing. Abby turned out to be ridiculously good at it, even in bare feet. We had a hard time convincing her to come back down. She got to where the rope was tied off, but wouldn't stop. She wanted to stand on top of the rock above the tie-off. Eventually we got her to come back down, she is a natural. Seeing the way she climbed up and rappelled down reminded me of being completely fearless as a child. I was so proud!