Sunday, May 8, 2011

Marshmallow Meringue

This weekend we went out to a lovely restaurant and had lemon marshmallow meringue pie. It was awesome, so I had to try it at home. I used a graham cracker crust, and I used a Barefoot Contessa Lime Curd recipe, but substituted lemon juice for lime (1/2 cup), used 3 egg yolks, and 1 egg instead of 4 whole eggs (to leave the whites for the meringue), and added 1 Tbsp of corn strach so it would hold up in a pie. Then I made whipped my meringue; 3 egg whites, 6 T of sugar, vanilla, and 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar. Then once the peaks are glossy, I added marshmallow fluff, from the 7.5 oz jar, by the spoonful. Then I put it on the pie, and baked at 350 for 15 minutes. I finished browning the tips with a kitchen torch, this is optional, but be careful because as any camper knows marshmallow is flammable.

Happy Mother's Day!

No picture (camera cord is MIA).

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lnkmom said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Sounds yummy and I hope you find the camera cord!