Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Projects and Cherry blossoms

I saw this cute grocery store on clearance, and decided to make the frame myself (with David's help). We made it out of 2x2's a 1x12. Then I painted it and used a staple gun to put on some velcro, and we were in the grocery business.
I also made these reusable snack bags for the kids. They are lined with a vinyl fabric, and close with velcro.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A near miss

This morning I woke up in a panic! David was already ready for work and I was just realizing that it was April fool's day, even worse I blurted out, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS?" I had missed the most crucial pranking window. He had already taken a shower free of Easter egg dye, every light bulb in the house was still in place. I had no idea where the plastic bugs were! There was no time to make a "special" April fool's day breakfast. I didn't think to hide David's glasses while he was in the shower. The whole day seemed ruined, sad...

But then I had an idea! David usually bears the brunt of this special day, but this year it would be Peter's turn. So while he was eating a plastic bug free breakfast I went outside and filled his sandwich box with rocks :P and a note that said, "Aprils Fool's Day, I got you. I have your lunch. Love, Mom." Then I decided to make cupcakes for his class from the book "Hello Cupcake." The carrots are made from orange tootsie rolls, and orange starbursts, the tootsie rolls look better, and the peas are mini sweet tarts, I was trying to find runts, but they are ridiculously hard to find. I went to 7-11, then to target where I almost literally ran into someone I know from church. At this point I am starting to panic. Lunch starts for Peter at 11:05am and I can't find any candies that look like peas. Finally success, I run to checkout and there are half a dozen people in each line at target. I was starting to doubt the genius of my plan, "What kind of person puts rocks in their kids lunch box, what kind of person." This could be scarred for life material if I don't make it in time. I got home, made some frosting, and realized I only had one cup of powdered sugar, I never run out of sugar, but today I did... April fool's on me.

I made it to the cafeteria at 11:07, Peter had already opened his lunch and found the note. The teacher even took the box around to show all the other kids what was in Peter's lunch. Peter say me across the room and said with a big smile, "You got me!"All the kids though it was hilarious, except a few who were very confused. I told Peter that I brought a healthy treat for his class. I hope they like them.


Also, I discovered that the cupcake wrapper container makes an excellent single cupcake holder for a lunch box.

I found this funny bunny nibbling in my lettuce garden when I brought my lettuce in for the frost last week. And one last photo of Kate being paraded about.
Happy April Fool's day!