Monday, November 15, 2010

Having issues, please advise

Peter got a bike for his birthday, so naturally Abby HAS to have one for Christmas. No problem, right? So I start shopping for girl bikes and suddenly the feminist in me, the one that has been dormant for nearly a decade now, the one that took a nap while Abby and I watched The Little Mermaid this morning, was fiercely awoken after five minutes of girl bike shopping!

I remember the moment I learned to ride a bike. I remember my Dad holding the back of that sweet sweet sparkly red banana seat, I remember the moment he let go, and it was just me. It felt like freedom, my first taste of freedom. The driveway was stretched out in front of me for miles, and it was just me and my bike. Freedom, it felt like freedom.

Here's the issue; every bike looks like either Barbie or every Disney princess threw up all over it. And if that were not enough they come with doll seats in the back. Now don't get me wrong I love babies, and dolls, I really do. I even like Disney princesses, and how consistently they achieve the woman's ultimate success; marrying well, but a bike is not about glancing back to make sure your baby isn't caught in the spokes of your new found freedom.

So the search continues... Does anyone know where I can find a bike the feminist in me won't have the urge to run over with my car, when it's parked illegally in the driveway ?

P.S. Please forgive me if your daughter has a Disney princess bike with a baby seat in back.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

star wars cont...

Star Wars Mania

We had a Star Wars birthday Party for Peter. After going through 5 trials the kids came before the counsel: David, David's Parents, My Brother-in law (who happens to be a teacher at a very prominent local high school, and a very good Darth Vader) and myself. After being approved by the counsel they received Jedi cloaks (not capes)! Then we had a series of other games, followed by cupcakes and Yoda sodas. FYI: thoose are light sabers on the cupcakes, and they are red NOT pink. Then we played a video of thier jedi moves. Stay tuned for amazing jedi video footage.
And my favorite trick of the afternoon, the floating light saber.
I think this might be a jedi mind trick?
The very powerful cousin Davis.
Some Jedi's struggled with the asteroid race...

Abby, found a better way.

And these were the school birthday cupcakes.

Happy Birthday Peter! I love this kid, and it still gets me every time he blows me a kiss from the school bus. I love him so much I watched 5 of the 6 Star Wars movies in preparation for this birthday party. We take birthday parties very seriously, at least I do, and David plays along :) Special thanks to the Jedi Counsel for all their help! You were amazing!

May the Force be with you!