Sunday, October 31, 2010


Poor Abby fell down the stairs right before she put on her costume, and knocked "E" loose. I know Halloween contributes to cavities, but I never expected a child to loose a tooth on Halloween from falling down the stairs. Her swollen lip made her look more fish like, so it all worked out.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Baby love

Miss Kate is as amiable as can be. I have been trying to take in every smile, put them away in my heart for when I might need them later. Abby and I may be taking advantage of her... But, look at this face!
She is practically begging me to dress her up like a giant piece of fruit! And when I do she smiles her amazing little baby smile, that says; "thank you dear Mother, please put more bows in my hair, or leave me in this wet diaper if we are late getting to the bus stop. I don't really mind:)"
To Abby this sweet smile says; "please file my fingernails, and leave dolls in my swing, go ahead and hold me or sing me a song, or lick my face if you feel like it."

This time around this special baby love seems a little more fragile. I have a better idea of how quickly it turns to independence. I value independence, really I do. But, I also value this short window of ambivalence that comes before she starts saying things like;
"Stripes are boring."
"I don't like collars."
"Can I please have shoes with flashing lights in them."

Until that day... I am enjoying this moment.