Friday, September 24, 2010

Re-read realizations

I have been re-reading my own blog (helps with the maternal memory loss) and I have had a few realizations:

1. I really should get that red APA guide book back out and review some rules. Where does that period go when you use parenthesis?

2. That disparaging blog post I wrote about Cookie magazine correlated with the magazines demise. I really want to say I am sorry, come back we can still be friends, just please stop sending me Allure magazine to fulfill the rest of my subscription. Allure doesn't know me AT ALL, and frankly I am a little embarrassed to have it in my stacks!

3. I am dying to;
a. take a tractor ride at Belltown hill orchard, pick loads of apples, and can applesauce
on a cool Fall afternoon.
b. Ride a ferry.
c. See leaves change to bright beautiful colors, not just shrivel up and fall off :(
d. Take a swim in Walden pond.
e. Attend the best book club ever.
Sorry I left you New England, I miss you dearly. I would come back, but David says, No.

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