Friday, September 17, 2010

Hangin' at the Bus Stop

I am getting some AMAZING parental advise at the bus stop lately. I am beginning to see why people just drive their kids to school.

On day 2 Kate sneezed at the bus stop, wrong move. A Russian woman says to me,
"Oh no (shakes head, and expresses much worry that the baby has some discharge from her nose)... In my Country is tradition to put few drops, how you say...Mother's milk in baby's nose...few drops, just right in nose...has healing properties!"

I replied with raised eyebrows, "Wow, that's very interesting." What I was thinking was, "here's the thing lady, I have been sucking snot out of peoples noses for the better part of a decade. I have the Graco Snot Sucker 3000 at home and a giant bottle of normal saline, and nothing gives me more pleasure than strapping my baby down, putting one of each in each nare and taking care of that little runny nose. I have really got this, thanks."

In addition to my new Russian friend, I also have a new "friend", recently returned from her summer vacation to her home country of Singapore. I am pretty sure my Mother sent her to look out for my children. Whenever the temperature dips below 80 degrees, and I mean dips to 78 degrees, she strikes.
"don't you have socks for your baby?"
"you really should get going she must be freezing."
"doesn't he need a jacket."
"should she be wearing shorts."

Meanwhile she is wearing the world's shortest skirt and flip flops, and Abby and I are sweating from our vigorous 10 minute walk to the bus stop.

And while I am ranting I might mention I recently got rear-ended by a taxi cab 200 feet from the rental car return center on my way home from my Grandmother's funeral.

Here are some pictures of some recent lunches for Peter, and yes, he really is eating things he hasn't eaten before (I volunteered for lunch one day, just to check.) The rocket ship one was actually made by David while I was away.

More pleasant posts to come...really


lnkmom said...

Oh dear, and I thought all the "helpful" people lived in CT! I can't believe you have to walk that far to the bus stop... yeah, I would just drive too!

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. And I'm sorry about the Taxi, what a winner.

I do hope that Peter is loving school!

LJABandC said...

When we lived in CT I thought all the people with good advise lived there! Here I get it too, it is just much different. And seriously what are you thinking if it is 79 degrees and your baby doesn't have socks!?!?!?!?!?! Cute lunches :)