Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ferry Love

This weekend we took a ride on the only remaining Ferry across the Potomac. I have a special love for river boat ferries. I love, love, love them, like can't post the pictures of me on them because I look ridiculously happy, really ridiculous. It was beautiful, and the Potomac was surprisingly clean. We picked apples at a farm on the other side of the river, and I was happy! We also got some amazing pumpkins, heirloom and roma tomato, and various other loveliness.

Then I woke up on Monday morning and it was raining, and it finally felt like fall, perfect canning weather. I made Tomato sauce, applesauce, and cinnamon apples. There is a sweet Ball recipe that calls for red hot candies, and lots of ginger, every year I look at it, and think about trying it, this year I did, it makes for some very tasty spicy apples (that is why some of then look reddish.
Also, Abby started her first ballet class, she is a fan