Friday, July 30, 2010

"The District"

My Niece and her friend are here for a visit, and a wisdom tooth extraction. Her visit, plus Kate's overwhelming desire to see the world and all it's greatest landmarks inspired our latest trip to "the District." We ate at an amazing little cafe called Saint-Ex (Barbara Kingsolver would approve.) Then we did the evening monument tour, with amateur narration for the 16 and under crowd.

Kate liked the Jefferson monument best, is hard to tell from this photo, but she was totally inspired!

Peter wanted his picture in front of the Connecticut pillar. As I was taking the picture a woman, with a fannypack, walked by and said with much enthusiasm, "I know where you guys are from... I am from Ohio" David got a very VERY sad look on his face. I smiled and nodded, and I am pretty sure David wanted to yell, No I am from OHIO, but living in Connecticut for the last six years has taught us that engaging in conversation with random people is totally unnecessary. Even when we lived in Connecticut, and people asked where we were from while on vacation he would say Ohio. When clearly they meant where are you visiting from, not where did you spend your most formative years? The picture was fuzzy, but I didn't dare ask him to take another one :)
I offered to take this one to make him feel better, it totally worked.
It's o.k... We are Buckeyes first, and we have this photo for our Christmas card to prove it, I hope I didn't ruin the surprise.