Monday, April 5, 2010

Jell-o and the Hollow

We had a lovely Easter! Abby and I made Jell-o eggs for three days before the big day. And we ate Pork. Does anyone else think it is funny that people eat Ham and Pork for Easter? What are we trying to say with that?

Later this week we are moving to the Hollow. That's right Frog Hollow is going to be our new hood. Don't worry, we have been warned of the dangers. And the substantial jump in our car insurance premiums sent a very clear message. However, I have been assured that there are no rats in our new building and that the curry people make there is completely odorless. O.k. I made the curry part up, but I have a lovely new Lavender candle that is stronger than...well, I will see.

For the last several weeks Peter has been going outside to work on his "rock collection." I never saw it and assumed it was invisible like Calvin the Dolphin and his tank, and the Jet Field that are also in the back yard. Until the other day when Peter showed me his very impressive rock collection. I am not sure what I will miss the most the collection or Calvin. Either way I am pretty impressed with the boy.