Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shopping revelation

So there I was at the grocery store, with everyone else, taking part in the last minute shopping spree, in the tradition of the Nor'easter. I was on my way home from work and I realized that this may be my last chance to replace the Little Debbie heart cakes that I bought weeks ago for the kid's class Valentines, that have mysteriously disappeared. They were sold out, but while I was there I decided to buy things that would get us through the next 24 hours in case we couldn't get to Taco Bell in an emergency.

I mostly let the rapidly growing fetus be my guide. Fetus Peter loved hamburgers. Fetus Abby loved Krispy Cream donuts, I will always remember the day my friend Monique gave me the news deep in my third trimester, that the Krispy Cream right next to my house was GONE! I cried. Fetus X LOVES tacos and burritos!

I have been disinclined to sharing lately, but I am finally ready to share again. So this is what your cart looks like if you let a fetus be your guide. The new Pear Yoplait yogurt (I had to climb up into the case for these babies, apparently the word is getting out about the deliciousness), Milano cookies (I like things that make me think of Italy), Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia (Fetus X likes ice cream too), essential taco ingredients, cream cheese (for cream cheese frosting-duh), cream (to make more ice cream), english muffins (in case the fetus wants an egg McMuffin and we can't get to McDonalds), microwave burritos, a stapler (for the valentines), and juice. I am not going to share how much I spent or saved, kinda personal. I didn't use any coupons, but I did get 15 cents back for bringing my own bags :) I think we are ready for some serious snow!

...and here is a picture of our art, a' la Color me Katie before the last storm. Just in case you don't care about the great revelation that is the content of my shopping cart.