Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some thing change, some stay the same

I was searching through some pictures trying to find something. I didn't find it. I did find this video, and it made me laugh. Seriously, what a cute baby, I felt I had to share.

This afternoon Abby managed to get a mac n' cheese noodle to stick to the wall, and when I asked her about it she seemed as perplexed as I was. I guess I should be grateful she is not quite as messy as she used to be. I can't even remember the last time she got cake in her eye-good thing I recorded it.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I really cant help it...

I love Halloween! Not the scary parts where people jump out at you from spooky corn mazes, or those creepy Simpson's episodes, or scary movies, but the rest of it I am totally into.

I have seen these boutique pettiskirts around, and I really wanted to try to make one. The last time we were in New York we found a fabric store called Stretch. They only carried stretchy fabrics, and wow, I have never seen so much spandex! They also happened to have nylon chiffon-which is impossible to find, and required to make a pettiskirt. It must have been fate!

Abby later decided to be a ballerina for Halloween, which has morphed into a ballerina/kitty thanks to these rockin' tights from Gymboree. Abby was not really in the mood to let me get a picture. At least this picture makes it difficult to see her wild mullet and wicked black eye, which she recently acquired from her brother who was trying to help the universe to right itself for the black eye he recieved from ballerina/kitty earlier this week. Abby really is a sight to behold these days, I am thinking about getting her a "question authority" t-shirt and some ripped up vintage jeans to go with her new look.

And here is the preview of Peter's custom Buoy costume. I really don't know where he comes up with this stuff! I am thinking of adding a piece of white quarter round to stick up on the back.
...and just to prove I am appreciating the present moment, as I resolved to do earlier this year, here is a picture of our zinnias. So lovely.
If anyone wants the other half of my cardboard tube, or advise on making a pettiskirt let me know. I really can't help it I love Halloween costumes.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cape Cod



Thank you to everyone who gave camping suggestions. Compulsive as I am, I made reservations at Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod moments after I asked for suggestions. We camped right next to a beautiful lake with sandy beaches. "The Cape" was completely beautiful.

We had lots of fun! We went whale watching, which totally rocked! We saw 10 or 11 whales. The kids were super excited at first and then kinda lost interest. Abby would have been way more excited if kittens popped up periodically out of the ocean, but was impressed overall. Peter was excited to ride on a boat, and managed to make MANY new friends. At one point I lost sight of him, asked a fellow whale watcher if he had seen a boy with a red hat,
"Oh Peter?"
"Uh, yeah."
then another passenger called out,
"He's over here."
Peter managed to find another 4 year old on the boat, and make friends with several others of all ages. It can be difficult watching for whales and a very friendly 4 year-old at the same time.

We actually made lots of friends wherever we went. We even got invited to a birthday party, and found a job for David in Rhode Island.

I had no idea that all the good beaches were federally owned. They were beautiful, and when we first got to the beach we were almost completely alone, except the birds, which Peter chased (which is probably illegal in the commonwealth of Massachusetts).

We also saw tons of Seals which were incredibly close to the beach. Overall it was a fantastic trip! I feel like an official New Englander now that I have vacationed at the Cape:)

P.E. Just so you know... I lost my cell phone somewhere, so if you are waiting for me to call and tell you about my trip I probably won't because I don't even have my Mother's phone number anymore, so I probably don't have yours either. So if you want me to call and chat about, well anything send me an email with your number, if you want, of course.

P.P.E. good thing I didn't buy Peter that Red Sox hat (even though he has now informed me he is an official fan of the Red Sox, except when there is a baseball game on and he would rather watch Dino squad) because if I was like, "has anyone seen a boy with a Red Sox hat at the Cape" people would be like, "uhh, which one? and how old?"