Sunday, June 28, 2009

That word I am not supposed to say

So I have been that doing that thing, the word for which I have been forbidden from saying. The word is Decoupage, and David doesn't like the way I pronounce it. The dialogue reminds me of a scene from "My Blue Heaven" with Steve Martin. An FBI agent played by Rick Moranis says, "capishe" to Steve Martins character, a mobster in the Federal Wittness relocation program. Then Steve Martin's charachter says, "don't say that, it hurts my ears when you say it." Anyway, it hurts David's ears when I say it, but I still had fun.

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LJAandB said...

Amy, those are adorable!! Where did you get the idea for those? I love them. I too love decoupage but haven't done lots because I lack the confidence to dive in. How can you NOT love Mod Podge, the word alone is enough to love.