Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Six degrees of Mormon bloggers...No only five

This post it kind of creepy, but I am going for it. I was feeling sad this afternoon and sometimes I try to bury my sadness with the happiness of random bloggers.

1. I went to J.J.'s blog (always good for a smile, and a totally legit friend).

2.I decided to check her sister's blog who lives in Williamsburg, VA which is on my list of places to settle down, so technically I check this one for research.

3.From there I clicked one of her links to see if there are more people who live in Williamsburg who are friends with JJ's sister, so I would know if there are enough people in Williamsburg for a book club.

4.From there is gets a little less researchy, and a little more blog stalkery (is there a word for looking at blogs of people you don't know)? Next I clicked on a blog about saving money on diapers at some drug store. I noticed a list of St. George friends, and my random wandering turned into a game to see how many blogs it would take until I found a blog of someone I have actually met.

5. I went to a blog called the Papa's. And I remembered being a shop aide with a boy whose last name was Papa. He got me sent to detention for my first and only time, but we were legit friend's in the 8th grade. I think the blog belongs to his brother's wife who I also went to high school with. I am 95% sure I know this girl, but I went one step further.

6. I found several people I knew from her links.

I went back to check and it turns out that I did know #5, which I confirmed 100% when I clicked on link that had a picture of the boy who got me sent to detention.

Maybe "the past is best left in the past," a North and South reference for my book club friends... but I do feel much better now.

If you play this game let me know how it works out for you.

P.S. I meant David Copperfield, not North and South. oops.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I am 99% sure Peter will ask me someday why I dressed him in homemade plaid pants, and I will tell him it was because I could, and I liked it! Hooray for Easter and 4 year-olds! I hope everyone had a great Easter! Next year I will try to remember 9:30am is a terrible time to take outside pictures.