Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Happy Birthday

Abby is now 3 years old!!!! I really couldn't be any more excited that she is no longer 2! I know that lots of people say, 3 is worse than 2, but if you want to be my friend don't say it to me. Abby has actually been very well behaved lately! She is very sweet and suddenly likes to snuggle! WE love love love love our little Abby, and are very grateful to have her!

David also had a birthday, I won't mention how old he is. Even more significantly he finished his last month of general surgery and his last in-house call!!!! HE had the whole weekend off, and was able to go to church for the second time this year.
Here is the dress I finally finished to match Abby's (at my sister's request).


Jennifer Hales said...

I am seriously impressed with your sewing skills. I love the birthday photos, looks like it has been fun at your house.

Victoria said...

this is great so cute! I am looking for the princess party pictures - can you email them to me as well - i am a little scared to see them but - when I do silly things i need proof. :)