Friday, February 13, 2009

Mini me

Almost every day lately someone tells me that Abby looks just like me. I am not sure how I am to reply to this? I mean, I know Abby is cute, and I would really like my hair to be shock blond again (Abby's actually has a strawberry blond tint to it these days, ask me about it later if you want to hear a really gross story)... So do I say, "thank you, we are cute aren't we" or do I say, "yeah, I know" or is there something else?

I got some pictures back today and I decided to look at some of my old pictures and see how much she really looks "just like me!" So here it is. Now keep in mind she also looks a lot like David when he was a baby too.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hobitats and summer hopes

It is the hope of spring that has inspired a new wave of projects. I have been sewing sun dresses for Miss Abby. I have 2 down and 3 more in the works. Hopefully it will be warm enough to wear them someday! Luckily at 2pm on most days, even the bitter cold ones a ray of sun hits the most comfortable spot on the couch, and when I close my eyes and imagine myself on a beach somewhere, and I am warm... It is quite lovely.

Last week I was talking to Abby about her upcoming Birthday. I asked who she wanted to come to her party.
"Sleeping Beauty... and...uhmm.. Mrs. C (Peter's average sized preschool teacher)
I said, "I think Mrs. C is to big to come to your party."
Then Peter said, eager as always to find a solutions said, "Oh, well if she is too big to fit through the front door,maybe she can fit through the back glass door."
Later when he was talking about the party, he said, "...and then Sleeping beauty will come over, and Mrs. C, (ever so slight pause) through the back door, and then my boy friends could come over... we could but up the spooky (spooky said while holding up his hands and wiggling his fingers) decorations, and then...

Here is our latest footage of Peter talking about hobitats. Thanks Grandma for the bugs and books.