Monday, November 17, 2008

Miss Do & Peter too

My right eye has been twitching for a week. I suspect it is "terrible two's." We love miss Abby, sometimes she is cuter than one can handle. I am fond of telling her she is "cute as a button." We like the way she says it, "I cute a buttn." Yesterday I told her she was cute as a button and she said, "No, I cute as a zuopper." She loves her clothes and has to have all her jackets fully zipped or "zoupped." Otherwise she will chant, "zoup it, zoup it, zoup it." She also says "ye" instead of "you", it's very formal, and "me" instead of "my." I do not correct her language quirks, first beacause they are way too cute, and second even if I did she is too stubborn to change.

Miss Abby has a will of steele, thus the twitching, but we love her so.

Peter is hillarious! David has been teaching him to read. At primary yesterday they asked for a volunteer to read something. He jumped out of his chair and his hand shot up and he said, "Oh, I know how to read." Uhh, not quite ready for the big leages friend. He has also become quite fond of joke telling. He thinks he is hillarous, but again not quite ready for the big leauges.

Pete is quite the big brother. The other day Abby decided she wanted to wear his sweater, and he wanted to wear it too. I let him wear it. A major fit ensued and Abby refused to leave the doorstep.
P: Are we going to leave Abby
Me: I am thinking about it.
P: I don't want to leave my sister.
Me: We are not really going to leave her.
P: Mom, I don't really like this sweater anymore... Abby can wear it.

Crab Party!

Peter has been totally into Crabs and lobsters since we went camping in Maine last year. He just had to have a Crab Party. He is so social he wanted to invite everyone he has ever met, but David set the limit at 8.

We played Rock Band with Aunt Vicki and Nicki after the party.
David was in charge of the entertainment. Here they are having a frog race, I think the crab race went undocumented.
...and the crab cake. Yeah go ahead and google crab cake and see what happens. I was on my own for this one, luckily I have been watching Ace of Cakes. It is good to have television when the internet fails you. I did also make crab cakes, the savory kind, for the big people.

There really is not anything that could make Peter happier than having a party!