Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Can't help but love a toddler!

Peter Story #1

After preschool today we were eating lunch when Peter asked: "Mom, can I have a pet Dinosaur?"

Me: "Sorry Peter, but Dinosaurs are extinct."

We have covered the whole extinct thing many times, Abby thinks it is hilarious that dinosaurs "a stink" as she plugs her nose.

So I covered it again, and finally said, "...the dinosaurs all died."

Peter said: "Oh...," paused, looked a little sad, then with renewed hope said: "...I know, we can ask Jesus if he can create them again."

me: "uhmm...that sounds like a great plan."

Peter story #2

Our babysitter told me this story about Peter a few weeks ago.

Peter and Abby were very proudly showing Rachel their belly buttons. Peter asked Rachel if he could see her belly button. She told him that she didn't have one. He was very concerned then asked, "Oh, is that because your not married?"

Funny, funny Peter!

Now Miss Do:

Abby has become quite sweet and lovable lately. She likes to say, "I cute a butt'n" (I am cute as a button).
Here is her personal arrangement of "Twinkle, Twinkle" and what she call "teach me, guide me, find the way" She loves to sing this version of "I am a child of God" over and over again.

Sorry for the dark video. Yes, Abby is now calling her baby "Sister", and no that is not an announcement. Also Peter is playing with the night light through the child proof twisty light switches. Peter and Abby are able to bypass all childproofing measures, so now I guess we just watch and pray for their safety.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

There is beauty all around...

By it's very nature the human condition is fragile. There is a continuous ebb and flow of birth and death. Life is in one moment full of joy and hope, then in another it is wrought with grief and despair. The capacity of the human heart to bear these extremes is remarkable, and when we are unable to bear the grief there is the comfort of the Holy Ghost.

In the past weeks I have been witness to much sadness and loss. I have been moved at the strength of the human spirit to continue in the face of such trial, and yet I have been consumed with proxy sadness. Yet, it seems that great loss and trials do indeed turn the hearts of men to God, then to greater appreciation of the beauty of each day.

With that said, and with greater reverence for present moments, I am grateful for:

and subsequent pies

for our free "sandbox"

and the subsequent messy children

for the miracle of flowers planted from seeds, and watered by rain
for willful pouting sessions
closely followed by a snack, a purse, and a big smile

The humor of my husband (someone brought these from thier garden and these were the only bags he could find)and my handy husband who allowed me a project during my project suspension

I love my family, and the beauty that is "all around when there's love at home". My thoughts and prayers are with those of you during your time of loss.