Saturday, May 24, 2008


So this morning we were in the Memorial Day Parade with the preschool. I was super worried about keeping control of the children (David was at work), but they LOVED it! I forgot my camera so we re-staged it in the back yard. Abby was the best little waver. You would have thought she was Miss Memorial Day the way she waved. It was seriously hilarious. Peter also managed to wave with one hand and steer with the other. He pedaled the whole way. They were awesome.
I am trying to anticipate Abby's next move with extra locks on the doors. I have learned to follow my instincts with her. So far every time I have a thought like, "maybe I shouldn't put bleach tabs in the toilet... no it's not like they are going to drink out of there," she proves me wrong. I have considered it a possibility that Abby could escape, and so I have installed a sliding glass door lock (pictured above) and a lock like the ones they have on hotel room doors on the front door.
We have become professional dog walkers. It is actually a great gig. I walk the dog and the children at the same time. They love the dog! We can play with him for as long as we want, then we get to take him home. Pete get quarters for his piggy bank, plus we don't have to buy food, or have a stinky house. He may be the ideal pet.

Food storage victory! I got a recipe for yogurt from a woman in our ward, and my kids actually eat it. Yeah! They love yogurt. This yogurt is made from dry milk, which I happen to have tons of, but have been unsure how to rotate. I am also very glad to have Mother Morgan's roll recipe to rotate all those potato pearls. If anyone has any thoughts on how to get the apple juice ring off my couch skirt, please advise.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So I was just reading the post I wrote about Abby, and I realized I made it sound like I was considering putting Abby in the Attic. What I meant is there is no safe place to put things that are not for children (e.g. medication, cologne, mascara, petroleum jelly, etc.) because she can get into anything, except the attic. I wanted to make sure I clarified, because if we have to call poison control one more time I am a little worried a social worker will stop by, and maybe check out my blog.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kindness of strangers

Tonight I found the blogs of some old friends. On some blogs it was hard to tell who the actual bloggers were because they only had pictures of their kids. Then I realized my blog doesn't have many pictures of me or David, and none of us together. I decided to add one to the side bar. 45 minutes later I discovered pictures of David and I together are extremely rare. I found one from our trip to Maine last year, but our faces were super small. I found one from Block Island that was terrible. I found one a stranger took of David and I in Maine before Peter was born, like right before, and I was super pregnant. There is also a family picture where I am pregnant with Abby. I know Jenni took Christmas pictures of us, but I can't find the Christmas file anywhere. I was really surprised by this. We are either going to have to go get our pictures taken, or start relying on the kindness of strangers more often. Sometimes the best pictures are the ones taken by people you have never met.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A few more complete projects

Monique requested more floor pictures awhile ago. Sorry it took me so long. We finished installing our new linen closet this week. I really can't describe how exciting it is to NOT store towels in my bedroom anymore! Thank you David! I also installed a new light fixture outside, and got the neighbors to change theirs too. Inside I installed a new track light, now I have officially rid our house of rusty brass. Yeah! Technically I only hung the track fixture the first time. David helped me the second, third, and fourth times. There were 3 sets of wire coming into the box (surprise). Anyway, it was quite an adventure. Thank you Dad, for the technical support over the phone.
There is still some lingering popcorn patch residue on the floor in the picture. Just so you know, patching ceiling popcorn is crazy messy!!!!!
Also, I never posted a picture of Abby with her baby for my Mom.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Scrapping again

So I got totally burned out scrapping the complete childhoods of my 3 siblings before Christmas and haven't been able to make a page since. I know that I have already posted these pictures before, but I thought I would post my pages too. Abby is a crazy nut. Yesterday I was taking a mother's day nap and David (post call) fell asleep. Abby had mascara all over herself, again, and Peter had Petroleum jelly rubbed in his hair. I know all this probaly makes me look like a neglectful parent, but really there is no safe spot in our house for our little monkey. Maybe the attic?

Thursday, May 1, 2008


At the beginning of every new season I find my self thinking that it is my favorite. I love the Spring! When it is summer, I can't help but love the summer, when it is Fall there is nothing to do , but love the harvest, and the first pure snow flakes can't help but inspire awe and anticipation of Christmas joy. I have always felt a little guilty in my wavering seasonal allegiance. I have even felt pressure to pick a favorite and stick with it, but I have decided my love of the season I am in has everything to do with the season that has preceded it. The Spring brings relief from the winter, the summer brings new freedom, the fall quenches the heat of the summer, and the winter gives us peace and rest. Having spent most of my life in season-less climates, the seasons are still novel to me. I spent hours in college staring out the library windows, like a child, in awe of the divine cycle. Also, finally understanding that whole popcorn popping on the apricot tree thing.

Having gotten that out of the way tulips are my favorite flower. I love all bulbs, but tulips have a special place in my heart. They have impeccable timing, and almost always arrive to celebrate Easter. The last two years my tulips have come up on Easter morning, making them the most righteous flower. Easter lilies are a close second, and crocuses usually arrive before Easter. But, seriously they always speak to me as a perfect symbol of faith. You bury them in the ground in the fall, and there they wait through the longest and coldest winters, then at the perfect moment when I usually have lost all hope that the sun will ever warm me again, there they are. They are hearty, yet vulnerable enough to give hope of brighter days. I love, love, love them!