Sunday, February 3, 2008

Bunny Shoes

So here is Abby and her bunny shoes. Which, if you can't tell by the picture are the cutest shoes ever. The only issue she has, is that she can't walk on her tip toes in these shoes. At the beginning of the video she is asking for me to take her picture "please." I think this video captures the early signs Abby is showing of being two (March 1st). And, yes she is saying the shoe hurts (she has a burn on one foot) and yet she still wants to wear the shoes.
She is quite fond of saying No. She is usually quite polite, but is a little confused about please and thank you. For example is I give her an Orange (current favorite food) she will say, "welcome"
I say, "say thank you."
She says"welcome."
"Say thank you"
This can go on and on until I give up.

Peter is a funny boy. Lately he has been saying; "you are my best Mommy in the whole world." I wondered where he even picked this up until yesterday when I realized I sometimes tell him he is "my favorite little boy in the whole world."

I am hesitant to share this next Peter moment, but I will. The other day I was cleaning up the living room and Peter got very excited and said, "Is Daddy coming home? Will he be here any minute?" It was like 11am, and I said, "No, Daddy is not coming home." Then he said, "Who is coming over then?" Yeah, thanks buddy.


lnkmom said...

I see you let her pick out some cute things w/Gymbucks!!! Wish we could have shopped together!

Yeah, the girls ask me every moring (before breakfast) "Where are we going?" I think we "go some where" too often!

Jennifer Hales said...

Don't worry I think I mostly clean for company too. I'm glad that I have scouts at my house on Friday, that means my house is clean at least for a few days of the week :-)

LJAandB said...

I love those bunny shoes, they are the cutest ever! Also, love Peter's comment, sounds awfully familiar though.... Oh yeah, I found this website called and thought you might get a kick out of it. You guys are in the homestretch now! Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel yet? I can if I SQUINT. JJ

Tammy said...

I love the bunny shoes! She is so cute -