Friday, August 24, 2007


We went to Acadia National Park in Maine this week. It was beautiful! This was our first camping trip with children. We had a lot of fun, and as the trip progressed I had lots of flash backs to my childhood camping trips. The first was when I woke up with Abby early in the morning. It was 40 degrees and no one had built a fire yet. I was cold and a little sad. So, thanks Dad for all the early morning camp fires. The second flashback was as I tried to build the fire. Oh, yeah we always took lighter fluid camping. Luckily Acadia is not as remote as one would assume. Yes, you can take a ferry to Nova Scotia from there, but you can pretty much buy anything you need, and lots of things you don't in about 5 minutes from anywhere. Acadia is one of the smallest national parks, but it is one of the most visited. I thought of J.J as we saw license plates from Florida to Utah and lots in between.

Flashback #3, my parents ALWAYS stopped for Sunsets! You better be able to wait at least an hour for a bathroom stop once you asked, but sunsets we would always stop for. So this is for you Mom and Dad.

We went to this beautiful beach. You may notice there are no swimmers. Good for pictures, bad for swimmers. It was 68 degrees when we went. The water was much colder, but we played in the sand, and in tide pools, and swam in a beautiful lake. Maine pretty much rules! More pictures to follow.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A day at the beach

We went to the beach last week. Peter was a little confused about whether we should call it the beach or is we should call it the seaside. Either way it was lots of fun. I was totally surprised when the water was warm.

In other news... We got rid of the 2nd crib yesterday. It is weird to go from 2 cribs to no cribs. We went to the mattress store and tried to get Peter to lay on the beds. He kept saying, "no, it's too big for me." We got some new sheets and a train comforter, and he said "i love my new bed, and went to sleep without any tears." It's all about trains. I was super sad to take down the crib, until the "I love my bed" bit. I was ready to leave the store when he said the bed was too big ( a twin), but David totally pulled an executive decision and said, we would take it before I got a chance to waffle. It is nice to have someone who can make decisions without consulting his emotions about children growing up too fast.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

So long science, so long feminism

I was once fond of speaking of socially constructed sex roles. I was quite angry about boys and trucks and girls and dolls. The site of a pink toy ironing board could start quite the diatribe.

I have also been quite enamored with science, and its precise measures and methods of research.

Yet despite all my heart felt opinions and carefully researched studies, my feeling on socially constructed gender roles have been dissuaded by some anecdotal evidenced pictured below.

That's right she is saying shoes. We went shoe shopping and Abby said her 5th word, "shoe."
Now this was a controlled study, but I only have an N of 1 and 1. Conclusion: the girl loves shoes, the boy does not love shoes. Abby actually went to the shelf and picked some pink shoes. She handed the shoes to me. On further inspection I discovered the shoes were made in Italy. The girl has taste, what more can I say. She kept stepping on the foot measuring tool and looking up at the salesman. She thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She tried on at least five pairs of shoes. Peter was unhappy about having his foot measured.

Consumer Alert: I went to Old Navy and bought a brand new pair of jeans for Peter. When I got home and tried them on him I was shocked to discover that they were tapered! I couldn't believe that they made skinny jeans for little boys. YUCK!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Gains and losses

Monday was a pretty ruff day in a pretty ruff week. David woke me up on Monday morning. He is a pretty happy guy, even in the morning, unless he has to take a cold shower. Well Monday started with a very cold shower and a very unhappy husband. The water heater went out. Call me crazy, but my cold shower really worked for me. It woke me up at 5am like not many things can, and I really felt pretty good for the rest of the day. I thought, hey we'll save some money and get some early morning brain stimulation. But in the name of love, we got this baby installed.On my way to work the brakes on our trusty 160,000 mile car started making some seriously disconcerting grinding. And I thought this is going to be a very expensive day.

When I got home from work everyone was in bed when I noticed one of our fish had gone belly up. Poor old (kinda) Buckeye or Nutmeg (we can't really remember which was which).
I totally thought Peter wouldn't notice, but yesterday he asked "where's the brown fish (it was really white)." We told him that it died. He said "no, it didn't die." I am not sure if that was denial or if that was his twoness talking.

Lucky for us Peter doesn't let the saddness linger too long, whether it e over the addition of a shiny new water heater or the loss of a scaly family friend. He can always make us smile.

And, as long as we have trains, not much can be wrong in the world.