Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back Blogged

Abby is really into brushing her teeth lately. She just keeps going until I take it away from her. She would walk around with all day if I let her. Bow Success! Abby finally let me put bows in her hair, and she left them there. She is quite the girl lately. She is totally into jewlery and purses. She has been snatching peoples purses lately (luckily only of people we know, and only when they set them down.) I know she is pictured with a train here, but she really only likes to snatch trains away from Peter because she knows he will chase her for them.

I think Abby is the only one who has been wearing the hat. I think David just can't quite get behind a school that doesn't care about football. Luckily he has plenty of other blue hats to wear, and some red ones too, no scarlet.

I started making Abby's Halloween costume this week. David looked at me like I was nuts until I said Halloween is only 3 months away. He suddenly got very excited and said,
"then football is only 1 month away!"
I guess we are going to have to get cable again.

So the kids are wearing matching outfits in this picture even though you can't tell. They both wear the same size and it is really easy to make them match. I guess they weren't as excited about it as I was!

People keep asking me if they are twins or "twinnies." Everyone is pretty disappointed and a little judgmental/confused when I say no. I usually say he is small for his age and she is big for her age (she is really just average) and he is 2.5 and she is 17 months and blah, blah, blah... by this time they are looking at me like "wow, too much information" but you can't just say no. I think I am just going to say yes from now on and keep moving. I guess there is always the just put your head down and look angry and no one will try to talk to you option , but that only works in some of the Connecticuts. David and I have decided that there are many Connecticuts. We have been to some parties lately and David is fond of saying, "that wasn't the Connecticut I live in." Well anyway there I go again... Yeah sure they are twins, whatever you want.


Mike and Mary Lee said...

The bows are beautiful in Abby strawberry blond hair. It is a lot of fun to dress little girls. Thanks for the update on the kids. They are adorable. I think we won't have much "USA Football" to watch, but there is a lot of soccer and boxing, all kinds.

Tammy said...

Cute little girl! I just love your twinnies! That must crack you up when people ask.

I just thought their wan one Connecticut! Now I Have to learn my states all over again. I think that people are like that everywhere.

Although in the south you have to be nice to everyone (maybe that is why I have a few problems!) - even if you can't stand them. They can be very strange around here.

Mike and Mary Lee said...

Thanks for the updated pictures. I know it takes time to keep up the blog site. I notice that the newness is wearing off. It is such a joy to see the kids and how they are growing, even if they are looking like twins. Pete's day is coming. Relax.



lnkmom said...

Halloween, already!?! You are way too on top of things! And you "must have your hands full" with your "Twins". At least that's what everyone tells me!

Brittanie said...

I love the bows!! SOO cute! I can definitely tell that Peter is the big brother! We had some people in our ward that just transferred to Oregon for law school and I think they were pretty excited to go somewhere that actually cared about football. =) He was SHOCKED that there weren't any "turkey bowls" on Thanksgiving day. =)
We still need to switch WII codes! =) C