Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rocks, Sticks, and Dinosaurs

Peter was vey excited about the dinosaurs!

Peter and Abby have really been into rocks and sticks lately! They are less interested in commercially produced toys. Abby likes to pick them up and hand them to me. I am not sure what she wants me to do with them.

Peter is really into rocks and sticks that he can pick up with his mouse-ca-tools.

So I made the mistake of giving the kids ice cream in the car. Peter fell asleep with his after eating 1/3 of it. Abby finished hers 1/2 way home and started screaming that it was gone. They both looked like little ice cream monsters when we got home. What was I thinking?

We went to the Dinosaur park this week. Peter has been talking about it ever since!

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lnkmom said...

Oh, Good! Your Header looks great!!! Sorry I wasn't much help with the whole thing. You are so brave to give your kids ice cream in the car!