Friday, May 18, 2007

May flowers

Peter helped me plant our condo garden this week. My Father-in-law bought the strawberry pot pictured below for me a couple of years ago and I love to plant my herb garden in it! We planted sage, oregano, basil, a strawberry plant, parsley (flat leaf because Ina thinks it is more flavorful), and lavender. I am always amazed by the spring. It is all so miracoulous that things even grow at all. Bulbs are my favorite! Can it be any easier than burying them and forgetting about it. I have less love for the summer bulbs and tubers, harvesting them is tricky and messy. If any one has any tips please share.

What a helper!

These are my new favorite bulb, but don't ask what they are.

Peter is really into water colors. After much practice he has mastered the sequence of water, sponge, paint, paper from his training at the Eric Carle museum. Watch out Jackson Pollock! Actually, Abby has more of a Pollockesque technique only her prefered medium is food and milk that she flings on the wall behind her seat.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun at the Zoo

Last weekend we went to the Zoo in Providence with some new friends in our ward. Luckily the zoo security is a little tighter than the farm security and Peter was not able to breech it in order to become more aquianted with the animals.

Abby is walking all over and getting into trouble. Her new favorite thing to do when Peter goes to time out is to point at him and say something resembling "go" over and over.

Abby liked the zoo, but she prefers napping.

Apperntly I can only jump as far as a flea, but our friends can jump as far as a snow bears.