Monday, April 16, 2007


Happy Easter! I know it doesn't look very happy, but this was the best picture I got.Peter was not especially happy about picture time!

I turned Peter's outfit into overalls the night before Easter. David felt guilty for making me change the outfit after I was done so he volunteered to go out and buy Peter a shirt to go under the overalls. Peter didn't seem to have an opinion on the matter except that he prefers nudity.


MaryLee said...

I think the outfit looks just right for our little train engineer. Good job, and I am pleased that David got the shirt.

MaryLee said...

That looks like a fun trip for the kids to enjoy the animals. That was a sweet picture of Vicki and the kids. Thank you for updating the site. This will be a great way to keep current when we go to Cambodia. I am still trying to get that thought into my head. Love Mother Morgan