Sunday, April 1, 2007

Abby and Peter are pretty funny these days. Abby is really into necklaces and anyone who will smile at her. The other day we were at the pharmacy and a woman who worked there asked if she could help me find anything. Peter looked up to her and said, "We are looking for the trains." I knew Peter always has his eye out for trains, but apparently he thinks that all our outings are in search of more trains.

This is a picture (not posed) of Peter and his friends at a party we had for some friends who are moving away. I guess they were ready for some naps!

David went to the basement to study and Peter was convinced he was locked down there. He told me he needed a mouse-ca-tool and he went to get the keys to bust him out.
Also pictured are some of my recent projects. I made Peter a Dinosaur towel and am working on a strawberry one for Abby. Also I am almost done with the Easter outfits, but David has forbidden me from dressing Peter in his outfit. If anyone has any ideas on how to make it more boyish let me know.

She is really into jewelry!

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Victoria said...

add a train, that will make it more boyish