Sunday, February 11, 2007

Like Mother like daughter

February 11th 2007

From the moment a child is born people start to pick sides. There are two camps; the father look alike camp, and the mother look alike camp. So far from my polling it has been about 50/50 about wehter Abby is a mother or a father look alike. In the name of science I dressed Abby in a little red dress I wore when I was a baby, took photos and compared. The results are pictured above. I am the one on the left. I couldn't find the picture of me wearing the exact dress Abby wore, or of me at the exact age but this one is close.

People kept asking if I made the dress. I am not sure if that meant they think I am an awesome seamstres or if they thought the dress was out of style. Either way I thought she looked pretty cute!

Almost walking...

She is getting really good at standing, and
she occasionally takes a couple of steps. before she needs to rest.

Like Father like Son

The other night I put the kids to bed. Half an hour later I heard Peter talking about seals and rainbows. I called upstairs for him to go to bed. He called back, " I'M READING." As if he was studying for an exam and would go to sleep when he was finished. I gave him another 10 minutes and went upstairs to find Peter on the middle of our bed surrounded by books. And sure enough he was "reading!"

Lately Peter has been adverse to the idea of naps. David says he also remebers hating naps as a child. So a couple days ago Peter crashed at 5:30pm. We just let him sleep on the couch for awhile before we took him to bed where he slept the rest of the night. But it made me think maybe I should try to let him take naps on the couch everyday. After all it is his Father's favorite place to nap, and as they say, "like father like son!"